Educational Gardening Game


Educational Gardening Game

Go Grow! is a board game that comprises of 142 playing cards, a game board, 6 player boards, and a Gardening Guide/Rule Book.

The playing cards are divided into Soil Building Cards and Vegetable Cards. Each card contains valuable information and advice about planting, growing, harvesting, and selling your produce through natural farming. No money is issued with the game, you will need some beans to use as currency. 

There are different ways of playing the game. One way is to declare that the person who cultivates a full vegetable patch wins. This will be the person with one card in each of the different places on their farm board. Another is for the person who makes the most money to win.

The rules are in the Gardening Guide. The Gardening Guide also contains all the information contained on the cards.

The board game is available to buy in both a physical and printable form, and you are able to buy the just the Gardening Guide.

Purpose of the game

Our passion is to share the basic building blocks of organic food gardening, and we think this educational gardening game is a beautiful way of doing exactly that! Gardening is one of the best anti-depressants know to humankind. It is deeply rewarding to see your own plants grow, to bite into a fresh tomato from your own garden, to harvest and eat your own fresh produce. Wiggling your fingers into rich soil is utter delight. And organic food holds numerous health benefits too!

We want to help you make this green life a reality, and help existing food gardening projects produce healthy food for their communities. But even if you’re not gardening right now, we think this game is heaps of fun anyway! Turn of that screen, take a break from social media, and unleash your inner gardener.

Here you will be able to learn about natural farming at your own rate, according to your own preferences, all whilst spending quality time with family and friends. This game offers you:

  • A quick and fun way to learn how to grow food successfully
  • Motivation to get started and grow your own food
  • Increased confidence in your own gardening skills
  • A deep understanding of the importance of soil – with healthy soil, plants can grow themselves!
  • A simple, good time with friends, playing an old-school board game with a fresh and exciting theme
In a classroom environment or a food garden project, the game can be used as a powerful educational tool. Each part of the game can be broken up or divided into smaller topics or lessons for the day’s education. Piece by piece the whole game can be utilized to its fullest capacity in a classroom environment. The information in the manual can serve as a text book.

What is the game about?

This game provides plenty of practical gardening tips and insight, such as how to make compost, how to cultivate and use worm farms and bacterial worm teas, and the uses and benefits of mulching.

It also contains easy brewing instructions for the making of beneficial fungi brews. These brews can be of great advantage both in the soil and on your plants. The recipe for making a powerful natural pest repellent is also provided. This pest repellent can furthermore do double duty and serve as a fungicide and an immune booster too.

Dozens of planting tips are provided here for the cultivation of 12 different vegetables. This game also contains suggestions for how to deal with pests, food storage guidance – and even a couple of homemade food recipes and ideas for how to sell your produce!

All of this is aimed at growing the soil through reactivating its networks of micro-organism, which in turn will create a healthy environment for the plants to grow as well.

How to use this game

You don’t need to grow an actual veggie garden to enjoy playing, but if you are growing some plants, this game might help you flourish it even more!

Therefore this game can be used in several different ways: 

Use it as an educational tool, by applying every tip in your own real-life gardening experiences, or play it just for fun by competing against your opponents. 

See who can cultivate a full garden first. Set a target in the game and race to make the most money. Choose different targets. Bounce ideas off each other. 

Enjoy the different possibilities and start imagining a delicious, green-fingered life for yourself.

This game consists of:

    • A gardening manual containing all the info also seen on the playing cards, for quick reference.
    • 6 Farm Boards
    • 1 Game Board
    • 81 Soil Building cards:
      32 cards on making an 18-day compost heap
      24 composting worm farm cards
      16 mulch cards
      9 Lactobacillus serum cards
    • 142 Vegetable cards about the planting and cultivation of 12 different vegetables:
      tomato, cabbage and carrot cards
      33 maize, bush beans and pumpkins cards
      34 potato, lima beans and butternut cards
      33 spinach, onion and beetroot cards
      9 ginger, garlic and chilli pest repellent cards

Rules of the game

There are different ways of playing this game, but first, here’s a tip:

As with a real garden, you first have to grow your soil before you can cultivate the plants. If the soil isn’t tended to first, it will be weak, which in turn produces weak plants. Weak plants change their colour and smell to attract insects and pests. So start with the soil.

Each player starts off with a farm board. The aim is sustainability, so you aren’t only focused on short-term goals. If at first you end up last, don’t give up just yet! Just like with gardening in real life, it’s all about trying and trying again.

age 12
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