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Louis Fourie

aka Louis Magwa

Louis lives in the biggest rondawel you will ever have seen in a remote part of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, formerly known as the Transkei. The area is called Gwexintaba which is about an hour’s drive from Lusikisiki and close to the magnificent Magwa Falls.

In 2005, Louis came here to establish a home and live a life that borders on civilization as most of us know it. He and his family live almost completely off-the-grid in what must be one of the most beautiful parts of the planet.

Louis wanted to build and create his dream space as far away from the ‘money’ world as he could because he believes that there is more to this sacred life than being caught up in the rat race. He loves wide open spaces, vistas, and raw nature. He has an enormous amount of respect for nature and mother Earth, not to mention impeccable manners and a warm, hospitable heart.

As a result, Louis and his family live a pure, untouched African lifestyle and the produce from their vegetable garden makes up a large part of the family’s food supplies. Louis’ vegetable garden borders on the magnificent Goso forest and overlooks a plateau which has the most expansive views imaginable. A wide variety of birds live here too and beautiful birdsong can be heard throughout the day.

Sustainability is obviously Louis’ main focus and he plants for some of the family’s needs to be met. Plants for healthy eating and for medicinal use. Louis did his 10 day permaculture design course in 2014. Reconnecting with nature was the main theme.  Also some self taught stuffis self-taught in permaculture – soil rebuilding and soil reactivation, the many techniques to compost, especially focusing on the methods of our forefathers.

Louis also offers natural farming workshops.  Students get spoilt with short trips  to waterfalls and forests, around hills, and to viewpoints that will take your breath away.

Louis is not only creative in his garden. He loves working with leather and makes wonderful hats, bags, belts, and even clothes and shoes. He has also spent a lot of time creating this amazing board game – Go Grow!

Lucky for us, Louis has taken all his knowledge and experience and designed a board game that teaches the players all they need to know about growing a sustainable vegetable garden. The game is filled with tips, tricks, and ideas that will have you growing a healthy and productive vegetable garden in no time, thanks to all Louis’ experience.

Whether you have a veggie garden or not, and whether you want to learn about growing food or not, you’ll find that Go Grow! is a really fun game.

Louis loves his lifestyle and is passionate about life. He enjoys getting up very early in the morning as he believes it’s the best part of the day. Louis is wildly excited about life and the time spent in wonderful nature. He has designed Go Grow! in the hope that he will be able to impart his extensive knowledge to others and inspire them to get out there, start growing their own food, and enjoying the wonder of nature as much as he does.

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