First Edition of GoGrow! Educational Board Game released

First Edition of GoGrow! Educational Board Game released

Our passion is to share the basic building blocks of organic food gardening, and we think this educational board game is a beautiful way of doing exactly that!

Gardening is one of the best anti-depressants know to humankind. It is deeply rewarding to see your own plants grow, to bite into a fresh tomato from your own garden, to harvest and eat your own fresh produce. Wiggling your fingers into rich soil is utter delight. And organic food holds numerous health benefits too!

We want to help you make this green life a reality, and help existing food gardening projects produce healthy food for their communities. But even if you’re not gardening right now, we think this game is heaps of fun anyway!

Turn off that screen, take a break from social media, and unleash your inner gardener.

Go Grow! is an educational board game that’s a quick and fun way to learn how to grow food successfully. You can learn about natural farming at your own pace whilst spend quality time with family and friends.

Over the last 10 years Louis Fourie has, in between his daily work of building a sustainable home for his family, taken his knowledge and knack for growing vegetables and created this educational gardening board game.

The Fourie family live on what some would consider the edge of civilization, in a remote part of the Eastern Cape. Growing their own vegetables is vital to their sustainability and, with the devastation of COVID-19 and the state of our planet, it is becoming increasingly vital that, like them, people start growing their own food.

educational board game first edition


Go Grow! teaches you how to grow vegetables sustainably in the game which you can then apply in real life. There are tons of tips, recipes, and ideas for you to get your garden growing sustainably.


Go Grow! can be played with between 1 and 6 people. It is great for home schooling, schools, community gardeners, and board game lovers. Have fun while you learn and play it with your family and friends.


Go Grow! is a very straightforward game. It’s easy to set-up. You can just open the box, read the rules, and start playing. You choose between two objectives – to make the most money or to grow the most veg.


The Go Grow! board game is in English and the full gardening guide (which includes the information, tips, and recipes that appear on the cards) will soon be available in Xhosa, and Afrikaans as well. The downloadable versions of the game will be available in all 3 languages.

There is both a Table Top (R750) and Printable version (R195) of the game available on the Go Grow! website. The game comes with a free Gardening Guide which can be purchased as a stand-alone item (R50).

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